New logo and web page

In October 2013 Plastinvent launched their new web pages. We are proud of presenting our new logo and graphic profile.  This is a process of identity development, worked with and planned over a  period of time. It`s adding into the objectives we have conducted to our commitment for  “Solutions for the future”.


Plastinvent was established at Alversund in Lindås municipality in 1986. Increasing number of assignments and the need for more modern and effective methods of production from 2005 and onwards, highlighted the need for new industrial premises. Olsvollstranda industrial area in Radøy municipality was chosen in 2009.  Parallel to the construction period Plastinvent was fully operational in Alversund.

Ownership and Gaselle in 2008 and 2013

The industrial enterprise is owned by Stian Haukeland and his cohabitant Tone Merete Knarvik. The enterprise is named Haukeland Invest AS. The owners have operated and developed the company since 2005. In 2008 the enterprise was appointed Gaselle establishment. They were also awarded the distinction in 2013. Consequently Plastinvent has the highest level of credit rating in the AAA-creditworthiness system. The business philosophy of Stian and Tone has been, and is, to create an enterprise aimed towards the future, with a sound and uncluttered economy. The revenue growth has increased steadily over several years. Among enterprises of corporate sales above Nkr 1 mill, only 5% are awarded the Gaselle badge of honor a year.

Enlarged production- and storage capacity

The facilities were located at Olsvollstranda industrial aerie in 2010. Production- and storage capacity were increased in new and modern facilities.

Today we have highly efficient heating radiators for rotational molding of demanding industrial products, along with CNC equipment for polyethylene machining and processing. We are casting, processing and welding all kinds of polyethylene at our premises.

Due to our tradition of investing in knowledge, expertise and development, our customers have experienced high quality in our products. This is achieved to a large extent as a result of excellent cooperation with customers and partners. In addition to our standard products we also engage in special designing products to meet the specifications and demands the individual customer expects in optimum performance.


Our vision is to become the leading Norwegian producer of rotational molded products and polyethylene processing.