Product development is a process starting with an idea, or a challenge, resulting in the creation and development of new products and services.  Our commitment is solutions for the future. 

Plastinvent has through the years pursued the idea of developing products, services, production facilities, employees and equipment of production to the highest level of quality. We would like to invite and share our development philosophy with you by presenting a step by step illustration of the process.


Product development consists eight phases: 

There are two parallel pathways involved in the process:

One involves the idea generation, product design and detail construction.
The second focuses on market research and market analysis.



1. Challenge/Idea

Occasionally product development is initiated on the drawing board.
But where are the ideas originated? Sometimes customers turn to us.
In other cases we meet the challenges of everyday life that allows new ideas to take root.
The art of listening to our employees, customers and suppliers is giving us a unique capability of working with ideas. It's all about our expertise developed through the acquisition of new knowledge in daily dialogue at work, and because we will supply the best service to our customers.

2. Creative process

Any idea will review a critical assessment where evaluation principles are increased benefits for the customer. Our customers in the retail and industrial markets are concerned with quality, safety and performance. At this stage, ideas are developed leading up to the stage of profitability assessment.

3. Reviews

Plastinvent are concerned about what is happening in the market. We strive to be innovative, courageous and bold. Hence we dare to cultivate ideas that we have faith in that someone will benefit from. We're not saying it's easy, but we promise that it's an exciting process to participate in.


4. Development of product

We have developed solutions for clients where others have retreated and said "this is impossible". We have repeated proof that "the impossible" is just a bit more time consuming! This is one of our numerous competitive advantages!  Our focus on profitability in the company also makes many ideas rejected, but they are never entirely forgotten. Often we have revived an old idea that has been reborn in a new guise.

5. Analyses

Critical financial analysis is part of our innovative business philosophy whose goal is to create safe employment and a profitable development-oriented enterprise. These are combined with our vision to create market leading solutions to demanding customers in profitable segments.

6. Prototype and testing

It is demanding to be innovative. Accordingly, it is sense of satisfaction when we succeed after several rounds of testing, changes, adjustments, and new tests.  We are fortunate to have skilled partners and advisors who are committed to our investment in product development.

7. Customer Reports

The dynamics of our product development is a consequence of supply and demand. We feel fortunate to have clients who have been with us on this journey and given us good feedbacks and evaluations where we dare to pursue.

8. Implementation and sales

By launching our new solutions for the future, products are starting to live their own lives. Now we can determine whether the products are helping to increase our competitiveness, and whether they will contribute to enhanced value for our customers.