The widest solution for mirrored tanks in Europe

If you demand mirrored tanks, (starboard/port side) and connection as well, we can deliver.  We are also flexible with regard to positioning of spigots.  Our tanks are produced of polyethylene, approved by the Norwegian food agency.  No odor or taste is emitted. Consequently our products  can be  used for storing water and septic as well.
Environmental products and green investment

The polyethylene we are utilizing in our production is environmentally sound products. Our cisterns are also made of environmentally approved of and recyclable materials, to the same standards as our tanks.

For several years we have produced the Biotope compost bin.  The range of our products is at any time related to our environmental profile and  CSR, Corporate Social Responsibility.

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Private categories of products  

Gasoline tanks
Mooring buoys
Tubs and containers
Compost bins