We have now the popular storage box in stock.

    Can be delievered with padlock fittings.

    Colors: Green. Other colors on demand.


    Promotional price: NOK 1 995,-

    incl. tax. Ret. price NOK 2 703,75
  • Plastinvent has a Multicam 7000 Series CNC Router that offers the ultimate quality in high performance CNC machining in most polyethylene varieties.

    We are machining in the format 2000 x 4000
    Multicam 7000 Series CNC Router is designed for today's competitive manufacturing environment. We take machining tasks, and the machine is manned by qualified CNC personnel. Our new sign is machined with this equipment.  Click here to see the sign installed

  • Plastinvent welds and joins polyethylene in a variety of materials for different requirements:

    Pipes, plate frames, tanks, containers, etc.
    We conduct welding work including:
    PE HD 80, 100, 300 and 500
    We have extruders and mirror oriented machines for welding in the field for our customers. These are of course logging all welding data. All welders at Plastinvent are certified.